May 05, 2014 : Hits & Remixes Album and No Limit !


Hits & Remixes is the new best of released on may 5, 2014.
It includes the best hits of 2 Unlimited and some new remixes.
No Limit is the 2nd remix taken from this album & it's also available now !

March 06, 2014 : New Remix !


While the new remix single is announced for may 5 (NO LIMIT),
here's the trailer of a short remix by 2 UNLIMITED
of YELLOW CLAW's megahit - Shotgun Feat Rochelle.

November 18, 2013 : Get Ready ! The Final Video Edit


Here's the first video of "Get Ready ! " remixed by Steve Aoki.

September 11, 2013 : Get Ready !

Get Ready For This 2013 by Steve AokiVocal versions Get Ready For This 2013

A new Best Of is announced including new remixes !
The first song is Get Ready For This remixed by Steve Aoki.

December 15, 2012 : first 2 Unlimited concert !

October 22, 2012 : BELIEVERS a new single ?

Ray & Anita were performing to the Live @ Donor Ja Of Nee 2012
and they have presented a new title : Believers !

ntil we get news from the official website it's a mystery.

September 10, 2012 : the french version is back !

Since you were so many to ask us back the french version,
the 2 Unlimited community worked very hard those last
12 hours to offer you the alternative fansite in Molière's language.
It was planed to be released in december but now french,
belgian, canadian, north african & Swiss fans can understand
and get access to the forum & infos.
So if you want a spanish version just let me know ...
Don't forget to visit the official page for the ones who can !

August 8, 2012 : No Limits The Complete Best Of

A new Best Of is released in Australia & New Zealand.
You have the choice : CD + DVD or only the CD.
Take a look in the discography pages to learn more about it.
July 14, 2012 : 2 Unlimited are back !


You're not dreaming !

After 16 years they're finally back under the bandname 2 Unlimited !
Ray & Anita recently saw Jean Paul De Coster (their former producer)
in a friendly meeting and here we go !
For more (booking) information please visit the official website : www.2unlimitedlive.com
A new single is planed for september / october 2012 !
Get ready for new hits !